Ki-43 Oscar

Typical of Hasegawa kits of the early '80s, with nice moulding, fine raised panel lines, and a basic interior. The engine looks fair, and the landing gear is simple. My kit is a recent reboxing (at a majorly increased price), and includes two styles of headrests and exhausts. Two sets of Japanese markings are included, which will be replaced with Carpena's decals from Indochina 1er Partie. Should look really good in mottled green and French cocardes!

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Spitfire VIII/IX

Hasegawa's Spitfires has been reviewed extensively elsewhere, so I won't bother repeating what's been said before. The highlights of the kits are cleanly moulded engraved details, and a well-executed "gull-wing" section. Cockpit detail is minimal, though better than Fujimi's Griffon Spits. The Mk.IX includes both clipped (LF) and standard wingtips, rounded and pointed rudders, and two styles of chin intake. It also includes the retractable tailwheel parts for the Mk.VIII, along with the correct non-retractable Mk.IX style. To accomodate the two styles of wing tips, the aileron edges are moulded in both the short and long wing configurations- the modeller must fill in the appropriate line. All together, the kit seems to include all the basic bits for a nice Indochina-based Armee de l'Air Spitfire. Carpena's Indochine 1er Partie includes markings for 2 Spits (GC II/7 Nice and GC 1/4 Dauphine), shown with clipped wingtips, though I've seen photos showing long-winged a/c with both the pointed and rounded rudders. Model Art sheet 72/037 offers three choices- two from GC 1/4 Dauphine, and a shark mouthed a/c from GC 2/4 La Fayette.

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