Links to other useful and interesting sites

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Model Art Decal Systems: An excellent line of interesting markings, including numerous French subjects.

The IPMS UK French Airforce SIG (Special Interest Group): A very useful resource with lots of links, and more.

Frederick Briere's site on the French Airforce from 1945 to the present.

Marcel Paquelier's page- read about from one who was there!

Wargaming the First Indochina War 1945-1954

The French Fleet Air Arm page photos, history and more in French and English.

Les Ailes de la Royale another French naval aviation site.

Jack McDonald's site- reminiscences of US personnel in Indochina, 1954-55.


IPMS Buzz Beurling: My former IPMS chapter.

Leon Wohlert's Vietnamese Airforce Site with lots of information and photos, etc.

Scott Van Aken's Modeling Madness Webzine- reviews, previews, and photos galore!


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