Matchbox PB4Y-2 Privateer

Matchbox's Privateer looks buildable in the box, but a closer inspection leaves one wishing that Minicraft had expanded their Liberator series to include the PB4Y-2. The kit features minimal surface detail (no trenches thankfully), with a minimal interior to go along with it. The transparencies are thick, and the side blisters for the cockpit are moulded separately, leaving some nasty seams if you're not careful. The kit includes numerous optional parts, and requires that all the windows be drilled out (only recessed area are moulded into the fuselage halves). The sections with the waist blisters are inserts that may require some careful fitting to avoid filling seams. Plugs are provided for the dorsal turrets, but my research indicates that the aircraft had the turrets in Indochina. Markings are included for a Canadian transport, along with USN and Aeronavale Privateers. The French a/c is a North African-based example. It seems the latest issues have replaced the Matchbox decals with Revell style markings, which are poorly printed, but seem to have less washed-out colour.

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