MPM HO3S-1 Dragonfly

MPM's Dragonfly was one of their earlier kits. The contents include one low pressure injection moulded sprue, a small sheet of photoetched parts, and vacuformed transparencies. The parts breakdown is unusual - the fuselage halves are moulded with the cabin windows and doors in place (and moulded solid). The modeller has the choice of removing the entire forward fuselage and replacing it with a vacuformed part, using the clear vacuformed nose with the solid fuselage, or opening the windows on the solid fuselage and cutting the windows from the vacuformed fuselage. None of these are options for the faint of heart!

A basic interior is provided, with a nice photoetched instrument panel assembly. Exterior detail parts are a little heavy, and many will choose to scratchbuild replacements. No stretcher pods are included in this release. Only a three-bladed tail rotor is included. Marking are provided for Korean War Dragonflies from the US Navy and Marine Corps.

Model Art sheet 72/051 includes a choice of 4 schemes for the Westland/Sikorsky Dragonfly. A single Aeronavale machine in overall gloss sea blue (58.S.11) with a two-bladed tail rotor, and a choice of 2 Gai Lam-based ELA 5/ELA 52 machines, in green and brown camouflage, with three-bladed tail rotors. One of these is depicted with a choice of 2 serials. Note that I have seen photos of 111/VA with the '111' presented on the tailboom immediately after 'VA', much like its earlier incarnation as 'Z111', and carrying the stretcher pods as shown in the decal instructions.

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