What's New on the Air War over French Indochina Site

January 2014   Added a review of the Eduard F6F-5 Hellcat.
December 2012   Added a review of the AML Ki-43 III Oscar and previews of the R.V. Aircraft NC.701 and Eduard F6F-5 to the model review index pages.
July 2011   Added a review of the Hasegawa Ki-51 Sonia and updates to the model review index pages. Added new photos of my Hasegawa Beaufighter to the Other Air Forces in Indochina page.
June 2010   Added a review of the Hasegawa Spitfire IX and updates to the References and model review index pages. Added new photos to the Sword Bearcat review. Added a new Reference page on French Spitfires.
July 2009   Added in-box previews of the MPM HO3S-1 Dragonfly and Amodel HUP-2. Added the latest issue of Fana de l'Aviation to the References page.
May 2009   Added a review of the Fujimi Ki-36 Ida and added a new section for reader-contributer material (thanks to Rick Reinbott for kicking this off with his review of the 1/48 Testors Bearcat!)
March 2009   Minor update to the references section, adding some issues of Camouflage Air Journal and two volumes of les Ailes de Gloire.
May 2008   Finally an Update! Added a detailed review of the Octopus (Pavla) Seafire III with pictures.
July 2007   Overhauled the references section, adding several recent additions to my reference library.
June/July 2007   After a very long absence, some updates. A major overhaul of the model review page, adding several new listings, direct links to photos of the completed models, and even a few new reviews. Also updated the email address on the main page to one that is actually valid!
June, 2002   Loads of updates throughout the site- the main page has now been broken down into sub-pages. New previews added for the Sword Goose, Siga HUP, Italeri C-47 and H-19, Hobbycraft Canada C-45 and KP NC.701. Full reviews (with photos!) added for the Mach 2 SeaBee, and Sword Bearcat.