Piasecki HUP-2 Retriever

Connoisseurs of mediocre helicopter kits will recognise the contents of this attractive box as being the Interavia kit of several years back, with no apparent improvements, beyond a new instruction sheet and set of decals.

The contents are 4 sprues of oily grey plastic (in two shades!- reminscent of matchbox at its best!) plus some thick and distorted clear parts. The few panel lines are cleanly engraved, though flash is present on most of the parts. The interior consists of two basic seats and a crude instrument panel. No cyclics or collectives, no floor, and a single bulkhead to round out the interior. The exposed intake and gearbox area at the rear is completely empty. Landing gear and rotor head detail is minimal, and rotor blades lack any airfoil shape. The box art provides some idea of what is missing from the interior and rotor heads!

On the plus side, this isn't a Mach 2 kit! (see the Seabee review if you've never had the pleasure...) The decals look quite nice, providing three US Navy schemes, two in fluorescent red orange over engine grey, and one in overall light gull grey. Aeronavale markings will have to be scrounged from spares, or purloined from a Mach 2 kit.

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