Hiller OH-23G Raven

Special Hobby's Hiller is a mixed-media offering - limited run injection parts for the main boom structure, rotor, and skids, resin engine and cockpit, and a vacuformed canopy. The modeller is expected to add some smaller details from plastic rod (not supplied). The kit depicts a late version of the Hiller. Versions used in Indochina featured different engines, a pointed rather than rounded canopy bubble, and some had wheeled rather than skid landing gear.

The resin details for the cockpit and engine are generally nice, while the injection moulded parts have a somewhat pebbly finish. The vacuformed canopy (split horizontally) and side doors could be clearer, though a dip in Future may improve their clarity. Though the canopy would need replacement to depict a French aircraft, this component is the major problem with building the kit from the box. The rear bulkhead of the cabin does not match the cutout at the rear of the canopy, and the only way to correct this would be to either enlarge the rear bulkhead, or to somehow add material to the canopy rear.

Just completing this kit as is may be well beyond the skills of many modellers, while converting the kit to an early model would put this well into the expert category.

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