Cdn Army (Vehicle) Colours

  "Olive Drab". This colour, although in the 1-GP-12b, didn't appear in the 1-GP-12c standard, but was still in apparent use, as late as Oct. 1970.
 1-GP-12b: 5-13   Hue: 31 Sat: 49 Lum: 57 Red: 73 Green: 68 Blue: 48

  In additions to combat vehicles, this colour is also used for some ground support equipment and airfifield moble support equipment (fuel trucks, aircraft 'mules', etc.). Compare this to the 503-321 in the RCAF/CAF/Cdn Army, portion of this colour guide. According to David Klaus's "IPMS Color Cross-Reference Guide", FS34082 is a the closest match (but poor), further saying it should be darker & more yellow. Tom Rae notes that this colour has been observed to weather to a blue or brown, dependng on the sun and paint manufacturer
 1-GP-12c: 503-321   Hue: 39 Sat: 226 Lum: 44 Red: 90 Green: 88 Blue: 03

  Commonly alluded to as 'Forest Green', this is used either as an overall colour or as part of a camouflage scheme.
 FS595: 34095   Hue: 49 Sat: 41 Lum: 76 Red: 89 Green: 95 Blue: 67

 Between the 1970's and the adoption of SCAPP, this was a part of the camouflage pattern for all Cdn Army vehicles, except the Leopard tank. David Klaus's IPMS Color Cross Reference Guide, puts FS34079 as a very close match.
 1-GP-12b: 3-212
1-GP-12c: 503-319
  Hue: 50 Sat: 230 Lum: 31 Red: 49 Green: 65 Blue: 01

  Overall colour used on all non-combat CF vehicles, since unification, such as various utility vehicles. It's been suggested that FS34058 with a gloss finish, may be a good match.
 Dupont: 1753 (Gloss)   Hue: 96 Sat: 82 Lum: 00 Red: 51 Green: 72 Blue: 51

  This 'medium green' is one-third of the NATO camouflage scheme. FS34441 has been suggested as a very good match for this colour..
 Lt. Field Green   Hue: 49 Sat: 41 Lum: 76 Red: 89 Green: 95 Blue: 67

  Referred to as 'Dk. Brown'. According to David Klaus's "IPMS Color Cross-Reference Guide", FS30118 would be a good match,
 1-GP-12c: 504-107   Hue: 24 Sat: 54 Lum: 95 Red: 125 Green: 105 Blue: 78

 This colour appeared as part of the standard CF camouflage,in the early 1970's, along with Greens 5-13 and 503-319, Black 512-301, as well as Earth 504-107. According to David Klaus's IPMS Colour Cross-Reference Guide, FS20400 is a good match, but with a matt appearence. Tom Rae has noted that, when 'fresh', this tended to have a slightly browner tinge, to the basic colour.
 Khaki Sand   Hue: 22 Sat: 108 Lum: 153 Red: 204 Green: 167 Blue: 121

  This appears to be the overall colour of the vehicles serving in Operation APOLLO in Afganistan. The FS number was matched to several well-lit photos, similar to the one in the photo section.
 FS595: 33531 (Sand)   Hue: 21 Sat: 84 Lum: 181 Red: 214 Green: 193 Blue: 170

  Matt black. As pointed out in the IPMS Canadian Colour Guide, it weathered to a dark grey, under service conditions. A gloss black is the overall finish used for Staff Cars.
 1-GP-12b: 1-201
1-GP-12c: 512-301
  Hue: 160 Sat: 00 Lum: 00 Red: 00 Green: 00 Blue: 00

"SCAPP" Colours - produced in the former-West Germany for the refinishing of all Canadian Army equipment, Due to the toxic nature of the paint formula, these colours were only applied when the vehicles were scheduled for Depot Level maintenance

  Bronzegrun (Bronze Green). According to David Klaus's "IPMS Colour Cross-Reference Guide", FS34094 is a near match. I've been told, ROCO brand paints (from Germany) have exact matches for the SCAPP camouflage colours.
 RAL: 6031   Hue: 49 Sat: 41 Lum: 66 Red: 77 Green: 82 Blue: 58

  Lederbrun (Leather Brown). According to David Klaus's "IPMS Colour Cross-Reference Guide", FS30051 is a good match, but should be a bit darker.
 RAL: 8027   Hue: 6 Sat: 75 Lum: 69 Red: 97 Green: 57 Blue: 50

  Teereschwarz (Tar Black). According to David Klaus's "IPMS Colour Cross-Reference Guide", FS37030 is an exact match.
 RAL: 9021   Hue: 200 Sat: 2 Lum: 64 Red: 69 Green: 68 Blue: 69