Maritime Colours

  Overall colour of HMC surface warships (subs are matt black). The supplied paint chip in the IPMS/Canada Canadian Colour Guide, is decidedly 'greener' than the supplied paint chip for 501-109 that was applied to aircraft. Experience has shown that this colour may be obtained with the same mix of RAF Sky and FS35237, but emphasizing the Sky.
 1-GP-12b: 1-2
1-GP-12c: 501-109 (Gloss)
  Hue: 68 Sat: 40 Lum: 186 Red: 193 Green: 207 Blue: 188

 Overall colour of HMC Auxiliary vessels.
 1-GP-12b: 1-6
1-GP-12c: 501-105 (Gloss)
  Hue: 131 Sat: 11 Lum: 136 Red: 139 Green: 147 Blue: 150

  A non-skid finish, used on helicopter landing decks on HMC surface vessels. FS34108 is a near match, according to David Klaus's "IPMS Colour Cross-Reference Guide".
 1-GP-12b: 3-210
1-GP-12c: 503-305
  Hue: 95 Sat: 52 Lum: 85 Red: 71 Green: 110 Blue: 86

  Used for decks/superstructure of crash and rescue boats.
 1-GP-12c; 505-111 (Gloss)   Hue: 27 Sat: 240 Lum: 115 Red: 245 Green: 164 Blue: 0