1/144th scale aircraft models from BBSM members.


Clicking on each image will display full size image, along with descriptions of the kit, various building techniques and conversions used, etc.

WWII and Earlier Aircraft Kits

Liberator GR.VI, 10(BR) Sqn., RCAF

Modern (Post WWII) Aircraft Kits

CF-18A, 425 (Alouette) Sqn, CAF
Sukoi SU-27 'Flanker', Soviet Air Force
AV-8B (AW) Harrier II, USMC

Eurofighter in Preliminary Multi-national evaluation scheme
F-117 Stealth Fighter
Saab Gripen, Swedish Air Force

Tupelov TU-22 'Blinder', Soviet Air Force
Saab Viggen, Swedish Air Force
F-4J "Black Bunny", VX-4, USN

Coming Soon...
NAMC YS-11 - new Boeing 737-400 - new