George "Buzz" Beurling


IPMS "Buzz" Beurling is named for George F. "Buzz" Beurling, a Canadian ace who flew with the RCAF and RAF during WWII.

In spite of his Ace standing, "Buzz" Beurling was surrounded by more than a little controversy during his active carreer, and a fair bit of mystery at his death. He did fly with 2 RCAF squadrons, ending up with a career total of 31.3 kills. In spite of this, there have apparently been lists showing him not to be the RCAF's leading ace, although the alternate one listed, had less kills (possibly only the kills achieved while actively flying with RCAF squadrons were counted). This, again, shows some of the unsettled feelings between the RCAF and "Buzz".

The Canadian Aces home page has a good Biography of George "Buzz" Beurling.

"Buzz" Beurling's Spitfire

The photo shown is creditied to "Cecil Brown, Beurling family."

IPMS "Buzz" Beurling wishes to thank Robert Bracken for his kind permission to use this photograph, and for providing the photo itself. Robert Bracken is the author of the excellent book: SPITFIRE, The Canadians.

The picture shows the Spitfire, Mk.IX, VZ-B (MH883), flown by George 'Buzz' Beurling, D.S.O., D.F.C., D.F.M. with bar, while he was with 412 Sqn. (RCAF) between December 1943 and January 1944.

The book SPITFIRE, The Canadians indicates that this was Beurling's personal aircraft. Of note are the 30 small swastika kill markings along the nose to record the victories Beurling had scored up to that time.

Beurling's 403 Sqn. a/c had his 29 kills recorded as German crosses, as opposed to the swastikas shown on the aircraft in the photo.

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