Canadian Model Related Companies

There are a number of very interesting, and very good companies based in Canada that make models and accessories. In most cases, the quality and ideas are second to none.
Companies in Alphabetical Order:

Arrow Graphics

Lots of 1/72 & 1/48 Canadian decals. We hope to have a full listing of their current product line here in the near future.

Belcher Bits


Engines & Things

Very nice quality 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32 resin engines, for the 'detailer'


Pre-cut, self-adhesive canopy masks, and specialty graphics for models.

These are THE answer to masking canopies. Die cut vinyl masks that fit a specific canopy. These allow the modeller to fair-in, and build the way he or she is used to, and yet makes masking simple, and accurate. In addition to an ever growing list of kits for which Chris provides masks, he is also willing to take on custom work (canopies or other masking ideas).

Naval Decals (primarily RCN, but also RN, USN, and others) decals and flags.

As should be obvious from the email address, they are closely associated with Resin Shipyard.

Hobbycraft Canada

Various injection molded kits, primarily 1/144, 1/72 and 1/48 aircraft. Hobbycraft Canada is a joint venture between a Canadian company (which forms the primary marketing and distribution end of the business and a Korean company (which makes the masters and molds the kits). Early kits were sometimes of dubious quality, and origin, although lately quality has improved substantially.

JBOT Decals

1/72 & 1/48 ALPS decals,

Leading Edge Models

VERY NICE decals - mostly Canadian subjects. Their sheets are offered in all the scales with currently available and applicable kits. Also, where appropriate, resin bits have been included with the decal sheets. Note: Each decal release is done as a 'limited run', but reprints have been known to happen. Leading Edge did releas a trio of excellent full-kit, resin 1/72 Canadair Challengers (600 and 601 versions), but like all their releases, they were limited run. Check out the Leading Edge online site for current and future product listings.


Injection molded kits, both re-releases and new items.

The Resin Shipyard

Resin ship models (many Canadian) and accessories.


Excellent resin castings. Primarily 1/35th scale, Military Miniatures (figures) and 1/48 aircraft details. Check out their online site for photos and a full product listing.