Membership/Donation Application

Charitable Registration # 1028257-52

Membership is $20.00/year and/or however much more you wish do donate.


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Honourary Directors:
The Honourable Jack Marshal, C.D.; Senator The Honourable John Sylvain, (RCAF)
President - F.E. Jeffery, D.F.C.; Vice President & Project Manager - Karl Kjarsgaard, Pilot C.A.I.; Vice President - John Turnbull, D.F.C.; Secretary - Allan Caine, D.F.C.; Treasurer - John Wright, A/G; Al D'Eon D.F.C.; John Stene, D.F.C. and BAR (RAF); Colonel M. Kenneth Kee, C.D. (Ret)
W.A. Hockney, CD, RCAF Memorial Museum, CFB, Trenton

The membership applicant, unless otherwise revoked in writing, appoints the President or Secretary to vote on his/her behalf at all meetings.