Halifax Pictures

The pictures below were taken by Dave Askett at CFB Trenton, while the Halifax parts were laid out temporarily in #7 Hangar, just after arriving, and prior to any restoration taking place.

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Starboard side fuselage @ cockpit
Pilot's window
Portside cockpit 3/4 view. Note: "DTD 314" under side window

3/4 view, front port fuselage
Aft port fuselage, from wing
Aft starboard fuselage looking aft from wing

Port fuselage centre section, looking aft from wing leading edge
Port fuselage aft of wing trailing edge. Code "2P" visible to right
Starboard fuselage @ mid upper turret, wing trailing edge

Starboard fuselage looking slightly aft from wing
Starboard side incl. porthole, A/C letters ("X")
Starboard side serial # NA337 (Note: soft edge)

Damaged starboard fus. (note porthole to right of nat'l roundel)
Port side fuselage incl. ho. stab. root. This fairing was 1st part of a/c restored
Port side fuselage. Squadron code, mid-upper turret mounting (not fitted to this a/c - plywood cover instead)

Port side fuselage showing squadron code "2P" bit of yellow from C1 type fuselage roundel
Starboard side fuselage and win centre section. Note porthole above wing - often overlooked on models
Note: dinghy well still open after being deployed upon ditching

A/C was dismantled for transport (via Herc.) from Norway. Note damaged centre fuselage
Starboard fuselage, wing, etc.
Starboard fuselage looking aft. Note porthole above wing centre section

Starboard fuselage @ wing leading edge
Starboard side, tail turret
Starboard side, tail turret. Note hydraulic reservoir filler point on fuselage ahead of turret

Port 3/4 view of tail turret
Port side tail turret. This A/C had glider tow hook @ time of crash - removed after recovery
Face of tail turret

Starboard side, tail turret
Tail Nav. light, below tail turret. This A/C was equipped with glider-towing attachment, removed for transportation
Starboard side tail and turret

Starboard side tail and turret, another view
Looking forward up starboard side of fuselage, slightly ahead of tail turret. Open door in filler for tail turret hydraulic fluid reservoir. Horizontal stab. @ extreme top
Wheel and tire from Lancaster, donated by man in Markham (originals not recovered)

Wing and fuselage centre section, looking in and aft from port inner engine
Port wing viewed from aft. Note flap structure (fabric rotted away). The flaps are currently being restored.
Dinghy well, port wing

Port elevator
Dinghy well, in port wing, looking forward from trailing edge. Note lanyard had originally been connected to dinghy
Starboard wing looking inboard. Note roundel

Starboard wing, looking inboard from tip. Note aileron structure and wing roundel
Dinghy well. Port side wing and flap. Note writing (red) "MkVII" on wing ahead of flap
Burned engine (starboard inner). Black crankcase, natural metal cylinder heads, grey-green primer engine bearers

Burned engine (starboard inner). Note missing crankcase cover
Starboard outer exhaust shroud (inner side of engine)
Starboard outer crankcase

Starboard outer engine (exhaust inboard)
#3 engine exhaust shroud (starboard inner, looking outboard)
Starboard outer engine

Port inner engine (exhaust outlet inboard) missing crankcase cover
Starboard inner engine, looking outboard
Port inner engine, looking inboard at engine accessory bay, cowl flaps and engine bearers

Port inner engine, showing cylinder head detail
Port outer engine
Starboard outer engine looking inboard

Port side of turret (spent casings chutes visible on left). Looking down from starboard side window
Port side floor of tail turret. Rear turret door @ right in photo (open)
Flight engineer's station (port side, looking forward). Note int. grey/green patches
Port side pilot's cockpit
Looking up and back @ pilot's station from approx. location of rudder pedals. Note int grey/green remaining
Top engine nacelle panel (w/air inlet on top)

Various panels from fuselage underside
Engine nacelle underside access cover

Outside starboard vert. stab.
Inside starboard vert. stab. Note fin flash
Starboard outer engine, starboard side looking forward (exhaust collectors). Note exhausts were outside outer engines, and inside inner engines
Starboard inner engine looking outboard (burned engine). Note exhaust outlet inboard and traces of grey/green primer on bearers

Paratroop chute (looking forward from approx. where main hatch for entry would be). Usually H2S bombing radar filled hole. Note plywood floor paratroop cone missing, and "MkVII" written with grease pencil on mid-upper turret mounting.
Looking aft to tail turret, tailwheel well from approx. location of main entry hatch. Spars for tailplane pass through box at top
Looking aft from doorway beside pilot. Note wing spar

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