Halifax Pictures

The pictures below were provided by the RCAF Memorial Museum and show the Halifax laid out temporarily in #7 Hangar, just after arriving, and prior to any restoration taking place.

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View inside the fuselage, looking forward from where the fuselage had broken in half during the ditching - about where the boarding hatch was. The grease-penciled "Mk VII" written on the mounting for the mid-upper turret was apparently there when this Halifax was recovered, so was probably applied at the factory. Another interesting point is the round hole in the plywood floor - in bomber versions, H2S radar would have stuck through this hole, extending down into the bulged antenna cover on the underbelly. On the Halifax A.VII, however, this was simply a wide open hole. When air-dropping cargo, a crew member or two shoved freight out through this hole. Parachute lanyards were attached to rings on the fuselage frames.

Looking back along the starboard fuselage side at around the cockpit position
Starboard stabilizer parts laid out, with fuselage in background

Starboard front 3/4 view of the entire aircraft as it was laid out, seen from above.
One of the donated Lancaster/Halifax wheels to take the place of the originals that weren't recoverable, and one of the engines

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