Tamyia Brewster Buffalo
805 Sqn.
Fleet Air Arm

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This is an original Tamiya Buffalo, which included the bits necessary to finish the model as a British or Dutch Brewster. Unfortunately, these parts are not included in current versions of this kit, so if you want to make this model yourself you will need to either find an old copy of this kit for yourself, or order the necessary resin conversion parts from Red Roomodels in Australia.

The interior was dressed up with a scratchbuilt instrument panel, structural detail in the belly below the cockpit, etched brass Sutton Harness from Teknics, and a scratchbuilt rollover structure aft of the pilot's seat. The starboard side wing and fuselage gun access panels were opened up, and the guns and gun bays scratchbuilt. Extra detail was also added inside the fuselage where it would be visible through the wheel bays, and the engine was replaced with a resin one from Hawkeye Designs. The rudder and elevators were separated from their respective stabilisers and repositioned in a more natural deflected position. Since Tamiya provided a mix of raised and recessed panel lines in this kit, the raised ones were sanded off and new panel lines scribed with the back of an Xacto No.11 knife blade.

The model was painted with Gunze acrylics, and decalled with national markings from various Aeromaster decal sheets and other markings from the spare decals' box to represent a Buffalo of No.805 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, as it appeared while based in Egypt. The Squadron crest on the port side of the nose was hand painted on clear decal film and applied like a normal decal. Finally, the model was given an oil paint wash, and a coat of Pollyscale flat clear.

Model and photos by Dave Askett.
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