RCAF Fleet Finch

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This scratchbuilt model was based on plans I drew myself, based on scale drawings for the Fleet Model 2 published years ago in the Journal of the "Canadian Aviation Historical Society", information from various Finch manuals, and detail photos of two different surviving Finches.

Masters for the major airframe components were carved from wood, then skinned with thin aluminum and embossed 5 thou sheet styrene. The masters for smaller parts were either scratchbuilt from plastic or Renshape carving medium, or else were cobbled together from suitable bits found in the spare parts box. These masters were used to make RTV silicone rubber moulds, in which were cast polyurethane resin copies. With these castings, and a canopy vacuformed in clear butyrate over a Milliput pattern, the model was assembled like any normal model kit.

After priming with Gunze "Mr. Color" white lacquer, the model was airbrushed Xtracolour Trainer Yellow and gloss black. Decals were kindly printed by my friend Tony Puig on his Alps printer, using artwork drawn up in 'Corel Draw'. Finally, the model was rigged with monofilament fishing line.

Model and photos by Dave Askett.
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