1/48 RCAF Harvard Mk.II conversion

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To start things off, here's a few pics of the Harvard II just finished. It's based on the Modelcraft/Ocidental Harvard Mk.4 kit, but has been converted to a Mk.II (an NA-66, to be precise). This conversion involved:

- Replacement of N-shaped rollover structure with X-shaped structure.
- Elimination of single navigation light on each wingtip, addition of new nav lights further inboard, above & below wings.
- Replacement of kit's 12 scale-inch diameter tailwheel with smaller, 10 -inch wheel.
- Removal of upper nav light from the two located at the base of the rudder
- Replacement of straight pitot tube with stepped pitot.
- Gun & ammunition bay access panels scribed on the inboard portion of the starboard outer wing panel.
- Addition of venturi tubes to starboard fuselage side, ahead of the pilot's cockpit.
- Elimination of prominent rectangular access panel on starboard side of fuselage, below cockpits.

I should also have made new instrument panels with a British-style instrument layout to replace the Harvard Mk.4's American-style panels, but I got lazy here and simply used the kit parts.

Paint is Xtracolour, decals are by Belcher Bits. The model represents Harvard Mk.II 2564, as it looked while attached to No.7 Training School, No.2 Training Command, at Saskatoon in late '42.

Model and Photos by Dave Askett.

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