Canadian Vickers Delta Mk.II

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The Canadian Vickers/Northrop Delta was the RCAF's first "modern" aircraft (all metal, stressed-skin monoplane) that served successfully with home-based squadrons, in several roles inculuding transport, coastal patrol and training.

This model of the Delta was based on plans published many years ago, in the Journal of the "Canadian Aviation Historical Society", and scratch-built using styrene parts vacuformed over carved basswood patterns. Windows were made from the clear plastic from CD jewel cases, cut to shape, super-glued into position, then sanded and polished back to clarity. The R-1820 engine and Hamilton Standard prop, are both white metal items from Aeroclub. The model was scribed with the back of a #11 X-Acto bladeand various straight edges.

Finish is Floquil's 'Old Silver', with all national markings and underwing serials, airbrushed right onto the model. Code letters and the smaller serials, are from the decal 'stash'.

Model and photos by Dave Askett.
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