RCN Seafire Mk.VX (Kit-bashed)

In a nutshell, here's what went into it:

- Otaki Spitfire VIII rear fuselage, tailplanes, upper wings.
- Falcon vacform Griffon nose
- Hobbycraft Seafire XV lower wings and spinner (reshaped in lathe)
- Hi-Tech resin rudder, prop blades, exhausts
- True Details resin wheels
- PP Aerokits white metal cannon barrels (from Firefly kit)
- Drop tank from Airfix Seafire 46/47
- Scratchbuilt Cockpit and door, carb. air inlet, rear view mirror

Finish was Xtracolour enamels and decals came from the IPMS/Canada RCN aircraft sheet, Arrow Graphics and Propagteam.

Model and photo by Dave Askett

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