ICM Supermarine Spitfire LF.XVIe
443 Sqn. (RCAF)
Germany - 1946

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Based on ICM's kit, the biggest problem was the warpage of all the major parts. This was so bad that, at first, I tried to return the kit to point of purchase. For whatever reason, I wasn't able to do this and so was forced to keep the kit, fixing the warped parts with hot and cold water. It's my understanding that later releases of this kit do not have this problem.

Besides straightening out all the airframe parts, extra detail was added to the cockpit, with the cockpit door built up from many laminations of photoetched brass parts, by Fotocut. ICM's misshapen prop and spinner was replaced by an Aeroclub offering. The main gear was shortened about 1mm to correct the 'sit and the mainwheels replaced by the more accurate ones, in the Hasegawa Spitfire Mk.IX.

The model was painted with Gunze Dark Green and Med. Sea Grey, along with a custom-mixed Ocean Grey. The ident yellow wing leading edges and outlines of the upper wing roundels were airbrushed, as were the slightly unusally shaped Sky fuselage codes. The 443 Sqn. shield on the nose was drawn with 'Corel Draw' on my PC, printed with an inkjet printer on white decal film, cut out and applied like a normal waterslide decal. Other decals are from the 'spare decal box', mostly from various Aeromaster sheets.

Model and photos by Dave Askett.
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