Canadair T-33 Silver Star kit-bash

The build, continued....

In addition to the Hobbycraft and Testors/Hawk T-33 kits, and the Monogram P-80, other products used on the model were:

Reheat - etched brass set for the flap wells
Black Box - resin cockpit set
KMC - resin ejection seats, as these appeared more accurate to me than Black Box's seats
MV RR Lenses - for the landing lights attached to the top of the nosewheel leg
Falcon - vacuformed cockpit hood. This was modified so that the sides ran parallel to each other, instead of converging towards the front. The windscreen wasn't used as it is much too large; the far more accurate windscreen from Monogram's P-80 was used instead. Note that, on every
T-33 and Silver Star I've ever seen at least, the windscreen center panel is tinted blue.

The nosewheel is the one from Monogram's F-86 Sabre kit, cut in half and widened approximately twenty thousandths of an inch with sheet styrene. After the model was assembled, it was completely rescribed using an Olfa P-Cutter, calligrapher's scratch knife, the back of an Xacto No.11 blade, and a pin chucked into a knife handle, as appropriate.

.. almost finished ....

Model and photos by Dave Askett.

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