Hobbycraft Vampire Mk.III
442 Sqn. (RCAF)

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The Hobbycraft kit was modified somewhat to partly to correct some of the more serious accuracy problems.

The forward fuselage sides were extensively filed and sanded down, on top, to make the coss section shape more like the rounded triangle, it should be - rather than the circular shape of the kit. The wingtips were also reshaped, and the wing dihedrial increased. The tailbooms were modified and their angle relative to the fuselage, increased. Finally, the landing gear was corrected to provide the model with the correct 'sit'.

Floquil 'Old Silver' and the Arrow Graphics "442 (City of Vancouver) Sqn." (D-40) decals were used to finish the model.

It's still far from accurate but I believe these few improvements helped greatly to give the model a more authentic look. For an accurate 1/48 scale Vampire, IMO, better to go for the Aeroclub vac-form kit.

Model and photos by Dave Askett.
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