Monogram 1/72 CSR-110 Albatross, 442 Sqn.; RCAF

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The round window in the aft fuselage (in the SAR band) needs to be reduced in diameter. The kit window is too large. I also made an attempt to provide the empty JATO attachment points (port and starboard).

- the main tires were replaced by the main tires from a 1/72 C-130. As I was doing a "Triphibian", obviously outfitted for winter flying, the hubs had flat disc covers to prevent winter's sluge, etc., from entering the wheel hub, proper. I found a 6mm diameter piece of sheet plastic, did the trick!

- the modified F-102 tanks, were lenghtened by a 7mm insert, which I ended up cutting from a pair of surplus 1/72 F-4 aux. tanks. The diameter of the F-4 tanks, is 'identical' to the F-102 tanks and the shape of the F-4 tank makes getting a constant shaped insert, very easy.

- the Sar band was painted using ModelMaster's enamel Flourescent Red-orange (FS28913) which was a near perfect match for the dayglo "RESCUE" on the Leading Edge sheet. It was applied over a white undercoat. From their series 2, I found this paint to have good coverage, not as translucent as their Flourescent Red from series 1.

Model by Scott Hemsley
Photos by Andy Irving.

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