Monogram 1/72 B-36 Peacemaker

Having wanted to build this kit for a long time, I obtained it via a trade, and set to work.

The kit was built straight out of the Box, the only addition being the two 1/2x2" nuts and bolts mounted just behind the Cabin bulkhead. The model was built and painted in sub assemblies due to the size of it, the Stabilizers being glued after painting. The wings fit extremely well and solid, they were left unglued to allow removal for transportation.

All subassemblies were painted separately before assembly using Canada Tire Auto Touch up paints, Grey Primer, Nissan Platinum Silver for the main finish, Dupli Colour- low gloss black Engine engine enamel for the propellers, Testors "Magnesium" metallic for the "Paneling" effect, and Mazda Red left over from having had a 90 Mazda pickup. It was my original intention to try out the new Metalizers, but a quick figuring of the cost for this led me to experiment with the paints as mentioned, I was very satisfied with the results. The canopy was the most troublesome part of the build, After trying to mask with Tape and Parafilm, insperation set in and I drew the frames on, following the mouldings, with a silver coloured Gel Pen,..... finished.

The Model was entered in the 2004 "Exeter" contest, taking a third place in it's class, which pleasantly surprised me. Due to the required display space, the model is currently hanging in Keith's Hobby Shop, Toronto.

Model by Andy Irving
Photo by Andrew Forster.

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