Heller 1/72 Boeing 707; 437(T) Sqn., CAF

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The Canadian Armed Forces 437(T) Squadron, operated five Boeing 707 aircraft in the transport role. Two, '703 & '704, also had IFR capability via a pair of removable wingtip-mounted Beechcraft IFR pods. The model depicts '704, fitted for such a mission,

On the two IFR-capable 707's, certain external modifications were required on the actual aircraft that were reflected onto the kit. The external IFR lighting package, consisting of several small spot-lamps, located at various spots on the fuselage and outboard engine nacelles, was added. Also, because the wingtips required an internal change to handle the plumbing for the IFR pods, the standard wingtip-mounted retractable landing light, was relocated, along side of the existing landing light, at the wing-root, replacing the single lens set-up, with a larger dual lens system. Finally, the two IFR airframes received a GPS system, represented by a teardrop-like fairing on the spine of the aircraft, just ahead of the singe blade antenna visible in the photo.

The GPS fairing was made from lower half of a wing-mounted droptank for a 1/144 Dauntless, courtesy of one of my daughters and her kit.

Model and Photos by Scott Hemsley.

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