Heller 1/72 Boeing 707; 437(T) Sqn., CAF

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Aside from the aforementioned modifications, the kit, was mainly out-of-the-box. However, some cockpit detail was added in the form of Navigator and Flight Engineer stations (I know they're there!!) and the kit's wheels were replaced by the True Details KC-135 bulged wheels. These only had to have the spoke detail removed from the nose wheels to accurately depict those on the Boeing 707, greatly enhancing the visual 'sit' of the model.

Leading Edge did a very complete sheet on '704 that not only provided the decals, but also the resin Beechcraft IFR pods. The grey used on the model, was Xtracolour's "Voodoo Grey", although Testor's Model Master "Voodoo Grey" would serve just as well.

Model and Photos by Scott Hemsley.

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