Fujimi 1/72 CH-135 Twin Heuy, 427 Sqn., (CAF)

See , for another interior view.
The Fujimi UH-1N, for the most part, is quite a nice kit. However, I did detail the interior by replacing the kit interior with that of a surplus ESCI UH-1D. Additional details, in the form of seat belts, folded stretcher, flare box and tool box, were scratch-built. In the case of the folded stretcher, the ESCI (Ambulance) UH-1D surrended the required piece. It was then cut and trimmed to the poles. A small amount of p[ainted tissue supplied the folded fabric. I also thinned the lips of the engine intakes and according to references, corrected the rotor shape and detailed the rotor mast, Wire cutters, tail rotor antenna mount/whip antenna, entry steps on skids, were also added. The Fujimi UH-1N lacks the central underslung cargo hook. I had to 'borrow' this from the aforementioned ESCI UH-1D. I've since learned that 'Whirlybird', a UK aftermarket firm, produce these in white metal.

Like the 427 Sqn. Kiowa the paints are Testor's Model Master FS34084 and FS34095, with the FS34084 tinted with Model Master's Field Drab. Decals are from some of the generic CAF sheets, put out by "Arrow Graphics".

This was one of my early attempts at weathering with chalk pastels.

Model by Scott Hemsley.
Photo by Andy Irving.

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