Airfix 1/72 DHC-1 Chipmunk Mk.1; 444 Sqn., RCAF

A summary of the required modifications, follows:

- All surface detail was sanded off and a few panel lines were scribed in, particularily those showing the separation of the metal and fabric-covered surfaces.

- The landing light was removed from the landing-leg fairings (common to the Britsh-built Chipmunk's) and relocated as a 'retractable' light in the port wing, using a MV Products, light lens (a common product for model railroaders).

- The missing 'flap hinges' were also added.

- In the cockpit, the kit's "L" seats were replaced by True Details USN-style bucket seats. Even while not technically correct, they approximated the style of seat and certainly looked better than the original parts. Something passing for instrument panels and "joy" sticks, were also put into the bare cockpit.

- Cowling scoops were dug out and the kit's representation of the exhaust set-up, was replaced, using stretched sprue, with something that better resembled the real thing.

Model by Scott Hemsley
Photos by Brian MacNamara.

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