Airfix 1/72 DHC-1 Chipmunk Mk.2; RCAF Stn. Centralia, circa 1961

Powered by an Gypsy Major 10, the Chipmunk Mk,2, was the fully aerobatic version of the Chipmunk, that the RCAF chose to be it's primary trainer, back in the late 40's. It served in that capacity until 1971.
Specifically, the model depicts one of the many Chipmunk Mk.2 that served at RCAF Stn. Centralia. This particular aircraft was photographed in 1961.

The original issue of the Airfix kit DHC Chipmunk, contained both the RAF 'greenhouse' and the RCAF designed 'bubble' canopies. Aeroclub also offered the RCAF canopy, but at least on my sample, the canopy frame demarcation wasn't particularily well formed, so I just brushed 'Future' on the inside of the canopy and, after painting, on the transparent frames of the canopy's exterior. Even though Airfix supplied the RCAF canopy, other mods were required to render a Chipmunk Mk.2.

Overall, the model is finished in Model Master's Insignia Yellow, then coated with Testor's Acrylic clear gloss in prep for decaling. Following decaling, the model was hand-brushed with the Testor's Acrylic clear semi-gloss, while the prop, antiglare panel and walkways, were brushed with Testor's Acrylic clear flat.

As for the decals, the RCAF generic roundel and numbering sheets, from Leading Edge, supplied those markings, while generic sheets from Arrow Graphics, supplied the RCAF titles and the Red Ensigns on the fin.

Model by Scott Hemsley
Photos by Brian MacNamara.

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