Hasegawa 1/72 F-4G 'Wild Weasal', Idaho ANG

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It was during "Operation Provide Comfort" that the F-4G's of the Idaho Air National Guard, flew the Phantom's last operational combat sorties, for the USAF.

This is the Hasegawa kit with a few enhancements:

The kit cockpit was replaced by a resin KMC F-4J cockpit, with the rear position brought up to F-4G standards. The instrument panels of the resin set, were replaced by the instrument panels of Eduard's F-4E 'ZOOM' set. The backseater's instrument panel, was a combination of the Eduard F-4E rear panel, kit decal and ReHeat's radar scope & instrument bezels, placed over the kit decals to give them that 'Eduard instrument panel appearence'.

As I was doing an operational F-4G, the weapons load needed attention. The ALQ-184 pod is a modified ALQ-119 pod, from a Hasegawa weapons set and as the ALQ pod doesn't sit directly in the forward missle recess, the pod's pylon was scratched. Also from a weapons set, are the two Sparrow, in the aft fuselage recesses. The two HARM's are originally from an Italeri A-6E, with the launch rails, being scratched.

Paints are Aeromaster enamels, with a black tempra (water paint) wash. The decals, with the exception of those on the ALQ-184 pod, are from Leading Edge's Idaho ANG sheet, #72.017. Decals on the ALQ pod, hail from the weapons set from which the pod originated.

Model by Scott Hemsley.
Photos by Mike Dougherty.
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