Italeri 1/72 CC-130E Hercules; 436(T) Sqn., CAF

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The Canadian Armed Forces 436(T) Squadron, is just one of the transport squadrons operating from a common pool of Hercules, at CFB Trenton.

The Italeri kit, marketed as a C-130H is actually a C-130H-1, externally identical to a "E" model, making the project a simple "decal conversion". However, not leaving well-enough alone, I opted for a 'few' modifications:

All raised panel lines were scribed (correcting a few along the way, according to Verlinden's C-130 Lock-on); fuel dump pipes drilled out; main landing gear doors detailed with internal bracing and landing lights; added the GTC exhaust screens by the port main landing gear, small exhaust screen by the starboad main landing gear, the large ramp 'bumper', various external spot lamps, replaced/added all navigation and anti-collision beacons, scratched the Crash Location Transmitter on the 'beaver tail', added static discharge wires and wingtip nav light reflectors, 'boxed-in' the engine intakes, corrected engine exhausts, added the retractable landing lights in the wing, corrected sit of the aux. wing tanks, added the JATO mounting points on the air deflector doors in front of the paratroop doors, detailed the nose gear doors and added various blade/wire antenna.

Model and Photos by Scott Hemsley.

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