Italeri 1/72 CC-130E Hercules; 436(T) Sqn., CAF

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Since I decided to open the crew door, I felt a bit of work was also required in that area. Originally it didn't start out to be as involved, but one thing led to another, etc.

The complete cockpit received a makeover, the majority being scratched. Side consoles, circuit breakers, a complete galley and an equally complete Radio/Navigator's/crew rest station, just to name the more prominate areas. I even made a female mold to vac-form the a new windscreen. Coupled with the opened crew door & open roof hatch, all was visible, from one angle or another!

Similar attention was given to the area visible in the opened crew door, including the electronics bay beside and behind the ladder. Since it was also possible to glimpse into the cargo area, some of the webbed seats were added to the interior of the forward fuselage. I also used some Evergreen strip "U" beams and plastic rod, to simulate the roller system on the floor to handle pallet loads. A scratched containerized load, served as more than sufficient nose weight! It also hid alot of that empty cargo interior, from direct view.

Decals came from generic 'Arrow Graphics' sheets and the decal stash. The 30" numbers on the wing and the CFB Trenton hearaldic crest on the fuselage, were made by photocopying suitable masters onto clear decal film and clear-coating before applying as per a normal waterslide decale.

Model and Photos by Scott Hemsley.

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