Fujimi 1/72 CH-113 Labrador; 424(T&R) Sqn., CAF

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Actually this is the Fujimi 1/72 KI-107-II-5, modified to reflect the current SARCUP update to the Canadian Forces fleet of CH-113 Labrador

This overhead view shows some of the SARCUP modifications. On the starboard side is the external winch (parts box, originating from a Fujimi CH-46 Sea Knight), detailed with vinvl coated wire used by auto modelers for wiring engines. The opposite side shows the HF "towel rack" antenna scratched from sheet styrene and plastic rod. Also revealed, is the nose radome (shaped from laminated styrene sheet), the "Top Hat" intake screens for the engines and the Crash Location Transmitter, mounted below the engine exhaust outlet. Not seen or partially obscured in this photo are the corrected fin/APU arrangement and the underside mount for the "Night Sun" searchlight. These will be seen better in the other views.

Kit modifications included a detailed cockpit and full SAR-configured fuselage interior. It can be seen to some extent through the large fuselage windows. Other kit enhancements include the aux. tank bracing struts, rescribing some of the pannel lines concerned with the engine access panels, adding the latches to these panels, the upper exhaust to the front rotor housing, various blade antenna, the addition of the spot lamps and the 'retractable' landing lights.

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Model and Photos by Andy Irving.

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