Hasegeawa 1/72 Mustang IV, 442 Sqn. RCAF; Hudson, Herts, England; May 1945

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442 Sqn. flew the last armed sortie of WW2 on May 9, 1945. Around about V-E Day, it dawned on someone in Allied Command that the Germans still occupied the Channel Islands (bypassed during D-Day operations). The story goes on to state, the German commander threatened armed resistance if the Allies attempted to land. It was then, 13 Mustangs from 442 Sqn., with long-range tanks, were tasked to patrol over the Channel Islands while an Allied task force, liberated same. The 'liberation' was carried out without incident.

The kit is one of Hasegawa's "new-tool" P-51D kits and was done strictly out-of-the-box, as it was for our chapter's first in-chapter "fun contest". These usually follow a chosen theme. This one just happen to be the P-51, any kit, any scale, from any mfgr, but they could only done OOTB! This meant 'judging' (performed by the 'non-entrant' chapter members) was stricly on the basics. The only changes we decided to allow were aftermarket decals, home-made seat belts (no P/E) and antenna if shown on the box art or in the kit instructions. Enough entries did materialize, that we were able to 'judge' by scale, as well. This one "won" the 1/72 scale. As in all our 'fun-contests', the only prize is bragging-rights!

All paints are Aeromaster Enamels with a wash of black Tempra paint applied to accent panel lines, etc.

Decals are from the 442 Sqn. Mustang IV sheet, by Arrow Graphics, but I choose not to do the featured aircraft. Instead I decided upon doing the aircraft with the code letter "C". As such, the individual code letter is from one of the generic RAF code letter sheets by Modeldecal and the RCAF ETO operational roundel, above the fin flash (normally carried below the windscreen) is from an IPMS Canada sheet on Canadian D-Day subjects.

Model by Scott Hemsley
Photos by Brian MacNamara.

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