Ventura Seafire Mk.XV
Royal Canadian Navy
late 40's

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This model is the Ventura kit of the early Seafire XV, with
A-frame arrestor hook, combined with an Aires resin, etched brass cockpit and various bits from a Fujimi Spitfire Mk.XIV.
The wings were cut apart so that they could be posed folded and the wingfold detail, scratchbuilt from bits of styrene. The wingfold jury struts are made from telescoping sections of brass tube.

The model was painted with Xtracolour enamels and decaled to represent a Seafire of the Royal Canadian Navy. The national markings came from various aftermarket sheets, stencilled markings from the Arrow Graphics' "Spitfire Scribbles" sheet, and the scale 4" tall Royal Navy legends/serial numbers from a "Wheels & Wings" dry transfer sheet. After a coat of Future clear gloss acrylic, the model was given an oil paint wash. Finally, a coat of Pollyscale flat clear was airbrushed over the model.

Model and photos by Dave Askett.
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