1:48 Dragon Horton 229A

I've always had an interest in early jets and rockets, and in flying wings, so when this kit came onto the market it was a dream come true for me.

Dragon's Horton 229A is a rather complex kit. It contains all the internal framing for the fuselage, as well as fully detailed engines. It's designed with the intent that the wings and a number of access panels can be removed, showing off all the lovely detail. However, because of all this complexity, it does suffer from some unfortunate fit problems. Still, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. The 2 seat nightfighter/trainer 229B should avoid most of the fit problems as it does away with much of the frivolous detail.

Construction/Finishing notes:

All in all, one of my favorite aircraft. I can hardly wait to do the 229B, as it combines my other big interest -- nightfighters, with all the ones mentioned above. Just about the ideal combination for me. ;-)

Not recommended for the novice, but for someone who doesn't mind lots of fiddley parts, it's a great kit.

Model by Brian MacNamara, photo by Lorenzo Vitiali (Thank Lorenzo!)