1/72 Canadair CE-144 Challenger, 414(EW) Sqn., CAF

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Kit: Leading Edge (resin)

Considering, the Leading Edge Challengers (I've also done a CC-144 Challenger, 412 Sqn) were my first attempts at a complete resin kit, I found their ease of assembly & excellent fit, makes them, IMO, a prime candidate for any novice with resin kits. The wings are one-piece, including the winglets. The large underwing 'flap hinges' are, of course separate, The 'hollow-molded fuselage sports a rather complete cockpit. A vac-form cockpit transparency (Includes a portion of the surrounding fuselage) is also incuded.

Comprising of approx 50 pieces, the kit is virtually complete. The only items I added were 3 small blade antenna, one of which can be seen on the upper fuselage & 2 rear facing, clear navigation lights - one at the base of the fin & the other on the aft portion of the top of the fin. Otherwise, the kit is OOTB, with the decal option for 414 Sqn.

Both versions of Leading Edge's Challengers, the model 600 & 601, utilize common parts, with only the engines differing between the versions. Of course, the CE-144 version includes an extra 'sprue' of blade antenna & other fittings for the EW variants. I did make a single modification as a result of a common fuselage. The APU outlet on the upper fuselage (between the engines) is on the opposite side, on the Challenger 600, than it is for the Challenger 601. It was a simple matter to measure out a strip & remove it (encompassing the APU), with the fuselage seam at the center. All that remains is to reverse & replace the strip. When it came to puttying & sanding, the only seam that retained putty was the wing roots, showing the excellence if the overall fit.

While in 414 Sqn service, the grey's used were the same as those on the CP-140 Aurora, as opposed to the current scheme of the same greys as used on the CF-18. Having stated that, the model is finished in Aeromaster (enamals) RAF Ocean Grey and FS36375, Lt.Ghost Gray, with Metalizer leading edges. The decals are complete, with the last bit of stencilling being provided and overall, I experianced no difficulties in their application. I typically use Gunze decal solution & this had no adverse effect on the decals.

Model by Scott Hemsley, photo by Dave Askett