120mm Infantryman, Resin
Private, Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, Canadian Armed Forces, 1975

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This resin kit comes directly from the brainchild of a local (Toronto) modeller and former Reservist. He originally did a such a conversion based on a Britsh figure. After contemplation of the kit, he decided to 'disect' his conversion and cast masters of the resulting pieces. The result was the above figure, truly a limited run. Only 20 were cast, then the molds destroyed.

Due to the nature of CAF unit identification, carried on 'Combats' at the time, producing a generic figure was easy. No rank was molded onto the figure and it initially came only with a helmet, as head gear. Since the unit's name was always carried on a shoulder flash, worn at the point the epilet joins the shoulder, this was molded on, as was the 'Canada' flash. Not being entirely legible, only dry brushing was required. The beret was something he cast, primarily for himself and wasn't available in the retail version.

Being a former "Hasty P", I chose to make two alterations that would identify the figure. To begin with, I put on the rank insignia in his sleaves. Being stiched on, it does stand pround of the 'Combat shirt'. The second thing is the Regimental cap badge on the beret, worn the same way it is presented on the figure's base, on a red felt backing (the "Hasty P's" were part of the 1 Cdn Div, in WW2 and the red backing denotes the red patch worn by the 1 Cdn Div).

Being an aircraft modeller, paints used were a mix of Testor's Modelmaster and Aeromaster, with some Gunze, thrown in. The 'Combats' and webbing, consist of some 4-5 shades of OD and dark green. The figure was 'shaded' by a dusting of various coloured chalk pastel dust. The 'log' was found while taking the dog for a walk and the grass is Verlinden's "Static Grass"

Model by (and of?) Scott Hemsley