Model Clubs

We, in and around Toronto, are lucky to have a number of modelling clubs, and even more surprising is the fact that we get along well togther. Rather than being offshoots from disagreements, we prefer to think and work as a large happy family: We hope to add details on the clubs listed, and info on the other clubs in the near future.

Toronto Area Hobby Shops

Toronto area modellers are a truely blessed lot. We have a wealth of excellent local hobby shops, which stock anything from the latest and greatest bits of resin and photoetched brass from around the world, to those wonderful old kits you remember from your youth, that you thought you'd never find. While much of the world has to model by mailorder, we seem to have it all, right at our fingertips. And, of course, if you come up with something not already in stock, many of our hobby shops do double duty, working as mailorder suppliers too, so they are happy to get it for you.

Here are some of the ones often frequented by BBSM members:

Disclaimer: We are not associated with any of the hobby shops listed below, other than by virtue of being happy (and frequent) customers.