USENET Hedgehog FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The NEW Hedgehog FAQ!

Welcome to the NEW Hedgehog FAQ. It's finally ready, and approved (though as long as the hedgehogs have any say, it will never be `done').

This is almost a total rewrite of the previous FAQ, though based on much of the same text and material. There are some sections that are in need of a lot of information, yet, but that will come. At least what is here is now relatively up to date, again, and will hopefully provide a format that I can build on for quite some time.

As always, I welcome updates, and input. In the mean time, Happy snuffles.

- Brian MacNamara / Keeper of the Hedgehog FAQ.

For those of you who don't know, a FAQ is a set of answers to Frequently Asked Questions, or at least the best try at those answers for what we know at any given time.

A FAQ is usually more of a starting place, a guide to where to find the real details, if you will, but it does try to answer the most basic questions, as well. Don't think of it as a replacement for a good book, but maybe as a supplement, or a plase to find out about books, and other things.

Currently, the HTML (WWW) version of the Hedgehog FAQ still has a few rough edges to it, but this version is now much better than my first attempt (addresses are no longer all on one line, etc.). If you do find any major glitches in formatting, please let me know -- at this point, it is all too possible that I've missed something, and my eyes are starting to glaze over from looking at it too many times. Thanks.../Brian

For the Text-Only version of the FAQ, select here:

If anyone has any thoughts or comments on the FAQ, or ideas to add, please send them to me at It's still got rough edges, and input is ALWAYS welcome.

When I first started looking for information on Hedgehogs on the Net, there was almost nothing out there, so I figured if I offered to put together a FAQ on hedgehogs, all the people who did know things would contribute. Nathan Tenny had put together an initial mini-FAQ (that I didn't know about at the time), and he was generous enough to send it to me as a fantastic starting point. The entire project has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. The Hedgehog FAQ is constantly growing, and changing as we learn more about both pet and wild hedgehogs, and is the result of many, many generous and knowledgeable people -- all of whom have contributed to the better welfare of hedgehogs everywhere.

Notes for people using a local copy of the FAQ

Anyone is more than welcome to make a local copy of the FAQ, either in text form, or the HTMLized version. I would ask that if you are going to do this, that you please update it on a fairly regular basis. Unlike most FAQs, which tend to be quite static, the Hedgehog FAQ has undergone constant change due to the rapid pace of learning about hedgehogs.

If you do take a copy of the HTMLized FAQ, there are a couple of places that will need some explanation:

Good luck and if you have any questions, please feel free to get ahold of me.
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