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Please note: My current understanding is that NAHA have, at least temporarily, ceased operations.

I do know that attempts to contact them have generally been met with no response for several months now, and that there have been some attempts made to buy the organization and hopefully return it to an operational status. So far, I do not believe these have met with any success.

In the mean time, I would prefer to consider NAHA to be quiescent, rather than actually defunct, but I have no further information on what their future may be. In the mean time I have to recommend that unless you are able to contact them and get a response that you do not submit a membership application or renewal.

-- Brian MacNamara, March 1997.

The N.A.H.A. can be contacted at:

North American Hedgehog Association Inc.
601 Tijeras NW #201
Albuquerque, New Mexico
U.S.A. 87102

Phone: (505) 842-1535 (voice mail)
Fax: (505) 842-8560

NOTE: This address has changed recently (May 1996).

The N.A.H.A. is still a young organization, as is the entire pet hedgehog market. As befits such a new pet and organization, they seem to be quite open to ideas, and quite a pleasant group to deal with. Much of the infrastructure for the organization, and what it offers, looks after, and provides to members, is still being being put in place.
Here is a rough overview of the Membership options (valid as of May 1996):

  1. Subscriber: Includes 6 issues of The Hedgehog News. Fee is $25.00 U.S./year ($35.00 U.S./year foreign).
  2. Member: Includes participation in the organization, 6 issues of The Hedgehog News, discount on advertizing, and various free merchandise. Fee is $50.00 U.S./year.
  3. Registered Breeder: Includes participation in the organization, access to the breeder referral network and listing, 6 issues of The Hedgehog News, various free merchandise (registered breeders must be U.S.D.A. registered in the U.S.; Canadian breeders are not currently required to have any other qualification at this time), and numerous other items of interest to breeders. Fee is $60.00 U.S./year.

When I joined the N.A.H.A., recently, I posed a couple of questions to them regarding their stated requirement that breeders must be U.S.D.A. registered, and what effect that had outside the U.S. In return, I received a very quick and cheerful reply that said no such qualification presently apply (other than the N.A.H.A. fee) for foreign breeders. It was clear from their reply that they were just not in a position as yet to know what the equivalent to U.S.D.A. registration in Canada (or elsewhere) might be.
I will continue to fill in information about the N.A.H.A. here as I learn more. Until then, happy hedgehogging!
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