Introducing Maggie! (and Velcro, of course)

Welcome to Maggie 's page. Maggie recently passed beyond the Rainbow Bridge, but for while she was with them, she was the beloved roommate of Velcro, and Shelley.

Captions for all, except the last picture are by Velcro and Maggie's willing slave, Shelley.

Here's Maggie!
She has such a beautiful little face, but she's always hiding it.

Velcro snarfs a snack
About the only way Velcro can eat now, is when Maggie is fast asleep!

The snuggle-bunnies!
In Maggie's sleeping bag. Maggie does have eyes!

My favorite little guy in the whole world (protecting his girlfriend!), the non-original Velcro!

Velcro on the left; Maggie (attitude!) on the right.

``Trust me, Maggie. I'll hold your back legs and you go in for a closer look, okay?''

``Um, sorry Maggie. You down there?''

No hard feelings!

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