Just who are the IPMS "Buzz" Beurling Scale Modellers?

Welcome to our page about us. Who we are, what our interests are, and various other things that are too much us to go anywhere else.


About IPMS "Buzz" Beurling

We are one of several model clubs in and around Toronto, and one of two IPMS/Canada chapters (strangely enough, the other one is called "IPMS Toronto"). [For those of you from south of the border, or who are just interested, here is a link to the IPMS/USA web page.]

After some thought during the initial meeting, back in 1976, and since the name "IPMS Toronto" was already taken, it was decided to name the chapter after "Buzz" Beurling, a Canadian fighter pilot and ace, during the Second World War.

Although a relatively small group, the chapter does keep busy with appearances at annual displays, and helping to sponsor model competitions. Membership isn't confined to the Toronto-area. Several members come from well outside the Toronto boundaries.

Currently, in-person meetings have been suspended for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We hope to return to in-person meetings in the neat future when such gatherings are,again, safe.

When meeting in person, our monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Meetings are held at Wheels and Wings Hobbies in Toronto. Having meetings IN a hobby store is great, but can provide temptation to deviate from one's current project...

``Buzz'' meetings are about as informal as you will find. We typically bring along something to build, or just plain chat about models.

At some point, during the day, we manage to cover any chapter matters (like how's the weather, and what shade of plastic tastes best...), but most importantly, just enjoy each other's company, while doing a little modeling.

If you're in the area, we invite you to drop in and see what we're about!

For more information on the club, including annual dues, joining, and where to meet, you can email :

Current Members

In Memoriam

Sadly, some of our dear friends are no longer with us, Hopefully they are happily building in some better plsce.

``Buzz'' friends, associates, and `Persons of Interest'

(a.k.a. those members ``on the lam'')

From time to time some of us tend to head off to foreign shores, or at least get run out of town on a rail, for a bit. Nobody ever really leaves completely - in time most of our wandering friends tend to find their way home and back to ``Buzz''...


The following bits of humour (and reality?!?!) are presented here with the kind permission of Steve Sauve, past chapter liasion for IPMS/Canada. Theseitems appeared in "Chapter Chatter No.5", that was an insert into a past issue of IPMS/Canada magazine "Random Thoughts" (RT):

Humour (or is it?) from OKC



  1. Buy a model.

  2. Buy a different model because you don't have all the information you need to build the first model.

  3. Go out and buy a $50 book to give you the information you need to build the second model.

  4. Go out and buy three other models covered in the book to justify what you spent on the book.

  5. Go out and buy another book because the first book doesn't cover the version you want to build.

  6. Buy supplies to build the model: replace paint that has dried up: replace old tools and buy new ones that will be perfect for this project; and buy new decals because the ones in the kit aren't right for you.

  7. Go and buy a backup model just in case you want to build it again.

  8. Go and buy another kit to replace the one you just screwed up (Don't touch that backup! That's for when you can no longer find the model at the hobby shop)

  9. Buy a different model that you plan on building, but you can't get to it right now because you're in mid-project.

  10. Either:
    1. Go buy another model from a different manufactuer because of the errors you found in the one you're building, or
    2. Go buy another model for the next time so that you can do it right. (if your answer was 1, return to Step 7)

  11. Accumulate the materials necessary to display the model. This step is based upon the formula that you have not completed it unless these materials exceed the cost of the model by a factor of three.

  12. Plan a trip to see the real thing. Take plenty of film.

  13. Make a return trip to replace the screwed-up pictures or to pick up the shots you missed.

  14. Return to Step 8 unless this is your second time on this step. If it is, throw up your hands and keep on building.

  15. Perform Step 7 again. (no reason, it just seems to happen that way!)

  16. CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed a model that is sure to elicit at least five seconds of viewing enjoyment. Begin planning your trips to enter the model in as many contests as possible.

  17. Return to Step 1 and start your next project as long as it isn't the model purchased in Step 9.

Happy Modelling?
Rick Jackson,
Oklahoma Historical Modelers Society

Parting Shots

The Oklahoma chapter's newsletter had this interesting piece that was credited to IPMS/Houston.

Politically Correct Modelling Terminology

      Aircraft       -  Skeet
      Airliners      -  Domestic Skeet
      Armour         -  Ground Target
      Automobiles    -  Visually Enhanced Ground Targets
      Trains         -  Directionally Challenged Ground Targets
      Ships          -  Floating Targets
      Figures        -  Organic Targets
      Sci-Fi         -  Operationally Enhanced Targets
      Junior Models  -  Targets in Development