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European Hedgehog

This page is still very new, so please forgive the limited information here.

Caring for Wild Hedgehogs

Here are a few safeguards to consider for those lucky enough to have wild hedgehogs visiting in their backyards:


Siililand Home of Finnish Hedgehogs, maintained by Marcin Dobrucki.

Norway -- the focus of Hedgehog attention in Spring 1996

There has been an amazing flurry of hedgehog activity taking place recently in Norway

Pinnsvinenes Velforening (Hedgehog Friends) organization.

Audun Gabrielsen's Hedgehog site.


Nordiska Samfundet Mot Plågsamma Djurförsök - UPPSALA-AVD (The Swedish Society Against Painful Experiments On Animals - BRANCH OF UPPSALA).

Anders and Siw, who run the site above, spend a lot of time caring for sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs. .

United Kingdom

The British Mammal Society maintains this web page on European Hedgehogs.

The Cleveland Hedgehog Preservation Society (CHPS) maintain this excellent web page containing a great set of information on caring for European hedgehogs, as well as on the Society itself.

The Linnean Society of London maintain this web page on hedgehogs as part of their FLORA-for-FAUNA web server.

WildAid (formerly the SWRRC - Staffordshire Wildlife Rescue and Rehabililatation Centre) cares for many sick, injured, and orphaned hedgehogs. This page has some great pictures of a couple of their lucky patients.

For those of you with a humourous bent to your hedgehog interests, here's the story of Hedgehog crisps and it's tie to St. Tiggywinkles.

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