Welcome to Shelley Small, Velcro the ``Tank-boy'', and Maggie's Page

This page is dedicated to the memory of Maggie, who recently passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Those of you lucky enough to be on the hedgehog mailing list will be well aquainted with Shelley, Velcro (the Tank-boy), and lately Maggie (the prickley disposal unit), and their antics. Now we can put a face to the cause of all the mischief!

Velcro posing before diving into a tastey meal!

Now you know how he got his nickname!!!! Look out -- loaded hedgehog!!!!

And now, Introducing Maggie!

Although Maggie recently passed over the Rainbow bridge, her joining the Shelley and Velcro household was a happy event for all involved. The arrival was due to Shelley finally having knuckled under to Velcro's pleading for a friendly herhog to snuggle with.

Velcro under the Microscope!

A whole new perspective on your favorite character! He did always want a close-up!

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