Canadian Colour Guide

The following references were used, in the compilation of this colour guide:

  1. IPMS/Canada IPMS/Canada Canadian Colour Guide. Currently out of print.
  2. The FS595B Standards, still available from the US government.
  3. The IPMS Color Cross-Reference Guide by David Klaus. David's publication is especially handy for cross referencing (approximate) FS colours to the Canadian colour standards that was in use, prior to the FS standards entering the Canadian system. Current availability unknown to this webmaster.
  4. Although devoid of actual colour samples, but loaded with paint spec references and general CAF marking information, Patrick Martin's book, Canadian Armed Forces: Aircraft Finish & Markings, 1968-1997, is a very useful resource when dealing with the various paint schemes for the aircraft in the CAF inventory during this time. We're happy to say that Patrick Martin reports (July 2009) that his books ARE currently available.
  5. All the images of actual military equipment, courtesy of the image archives on the Dept. of National Defence site.
  6. Also thanks to Paul Fredenburg of Trackjam Models, for the use of some of his Canadian Army vehicle photos and to Tom Rae. Both proved to be valuable assets when this "Airforce-Brat" was sorting out the various schemes of the Canadian Army.
Even though the scope of this colour guide deals with Canadian post-war colours, I recommend that if you're interested in the modelling of Canadian military subjects, you obtain the aforementioned reference material, should the opportunity arise.

Now, a word about this digital colour guide:

Note that these links show only digital approximations of the colour chips, contained in the IPMS/Canada Canadian Colour Guide. As such, there are a couple of limitations that we faced in this project. First, due to their properties, metallics and flourescent/day-glo colours, won't digitally reproduce, even an approximation. Also, monitors settings may render the colours a bit differently between machines, and a certain margin for human error, makes this project impossible to guarantee its results or suitability,

When using this resource, please keep in mind the aforementioned limitations. It's not indended to be as definitive as an actual colour chip, but rather only as a quick reference tool and to give one, an approximation of the colour!

Like the "IPMS/Canada Canadian Colour Guide", this reference is broken down into the following sections:
  1. Canadian Colour Standards
  2. RCAF/CAF and Cdn Army Aircraft Colours
  3. Aircraft Colours of the RCAF's 1 Air Division
  4. CF 'Aggressor' Colours
  5. RCN Aircraft Colours
  6. Maritime Colours
  7. Cdn Army (Vehicle) Colours
  8. Photos - A fair number of photos, so depending upon your connection, it may take a bit of time to load.